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Fearful or Shy

If your dog is nervous or lacking confidence around new people, places, dogs or things we have programs to help guide you and your dog on how to build confidence, become familiar, and learn to live in this big scary world.

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Basic fearful dog program 

3 Private Sessions

This 3 private session program will lay the foundation for you and your dog so you can start to change the way they view their fears. This program will be tailored to your dog's specific fears as well as showing and teaching you what you will need to do to help them overcome it.

In depth fearful dog program

6 Private Sessions

This 6 session in depth progam builds off of the basic program and will be tailored for the more severe dogs. Whether it be fear of people, fireworks, thunder, or inanimate objects this program will provide you and your dog with the knowledge and know how to create a much more secure and confident dog. 

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