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With our reactivity and aggression programs, we understand that dealing with these issues can be stressful and challenging for dog owners. Reactivity and aggression can manifest in many ways, from barking and lunging at people and dogs while out on walks or in the yard to getting aggressive around food or toys. These behaviors can be frightening for both the owner and the dog and can result in social isolation, fear, and anxiety.


Our experienced trainers are dedicated to helping you and your dog overcome these behavior issues through effective training methods. We understand that every dog is unique, and we will develop an individualized training plan that meets your specific needs. Our sessions will take place in real-life environments to help you and your dog overcome these challenges.


Our programs will teach you and your dog the skills needed to overcome these behavior issues, including how to manage your dog's reactions, redirect their energy, and build their confidence. We will work with you to identify the root causes of these issues, whether it's fear, anxiety, or lack of socialization.


Our goal is to help you and your dog build a stronger, more positive relationship, while providing the tools and skills needed to manage and overcome reactivity and aggression.

lots of barking.jpg
Labrador Retriever dog barking. Dog Reactivity training and behavior modification training.


Get started turning around those unwanted behaviors. 


This basic 3 session custom program will be tailored to your specific needs and meant to lay the foundation needed to start addressing issues like reactivity, aggression and resource guarding. 

Boxer Dog being reactive and barking at fence. Dog Reactivity Training
2 Mixed breed dogs growling and snarling getting ready to fight. Dog Aggression training


This in depth 6 session program is for the more difficult reactive or aggressive dogs. It includes obedience training as well as guidance and practice in real world environments. As we progress, we schedule our sessions in locations that are more challenging for the task at hand.

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