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Success Stories

"Cody is an excellent trainer! Our golden retriever had been showing aggression towards other dogs. He was able to turn around his behavior completely! And helped with many other behaviors we've been having trouble with."


Cody really helped us with both our dogs and gave us strategies to deal with both dogs. He is a great trainer I would highly recommend him. He has a 5 star business.


Cody teaches not only your dog but he teaches YOU .Every class you learn and learn by mistakes. My dogs are not perfect but we are learning how to be smart, safe, and enjoy our times together.


"Cody helped us to deal with one of the more difficult situations: dog on dog aggression in the same household. Our 95 lb Blue Doberman, Max, attacked our border collie mix Bandit on multiple occasions, almost killing Bandit and requiring multiple vet visits, and requiring us to permanently separate the dogs at all times. In addition, Max showed aggression towards strangers and had displayed little obedience. We love both our dogs and didn’t want to part with either but also knew we needed help so we turned to Cody.

Cody gave both recommendations and provided a foundation of training for us to work on and I can say that Max has completely changed for the better after 3 months of diligent training and following Cody’s recommendations we reintegrated Max and Bandit together again. No more aggression, no more attacks, and Max and Bandit get along well and can coexist together now. Max is obedience and friendly towards strangers. I can now walk Max off leash. Not only is Max a much better behaved dog, he seems even happier too!

We were so confident with Cody’s training that we even added an additional dog to the household, a rescue husky named Nala and I followed the same basic training with her as well and all 3 dogs get along great!

All of this was accomplished with just 4 training sessions due to Covid-19 and having to postpone the other 2 sessions. The most important thing is Cody gives you a foundation of training to work with and if you are consistent and keep at it, you will achieve success!"

"We were told by past trainers that our oldest dog would never be able to be off leash due to his “instincts”. We rescued him at three years and he had already developed habits that were extremely hard to break. Our past trainers said it would never happen. Cody got us there. We have two dogs and our youngest is now the rebellious one, but still well behaved, so that says something. Our oldest, the “troubled rescue” is now the saint. It’s almost funny to us because something we thought impossible became possible! We go on walks with them and people comment on how well behaved they are, and our jaws still drop because we used to have the dogs that would lunge and growl at other dogs. Also, we can finally go on off leash hikes - a dream come true for us since our dogs are both 100+ pounds! We wish we knew about Cody and his methods on behavioral training sooner, and for all of our future dogs we plan to apply what we learned. Our dogs don’t only know that we are now their leaders, but they are comforted by this and have far less anxiety, thus are happier. A win/win. Working with Cody has been the best investment we’ve ever made."

"It has always been our dream to have our two huskies trained to hike off leash with us, but we kept putting it off. Finally we called Cody and got things started. Two months later we have 100% confidence in both of our girls off leash. We have even walked right by deer and cats with ease which would have sent them crazy before. Cody gave us the tools, confidence, and knowledge to get this done and we can’t recommend him enough. It has been an extremely rewarding process for both us and our dogs."



"Simply put, Cody is the guy to see, regardless of your goals for your dog. We started working our young heeler mix with Diverse Dog Training to address barking and reactivity issues, which had plagued us since the day we brought him home. At every stage of the process, Cody kept us moving in the right direction through constant encouragement, and we couldn't be more grateful for his help. Now, our dog can explore and travel without constantly mouthing off and he's learned to play with other dogs without being a jerk! The knowledge and confidence we gained through Cody's instruction will help us keep our pup happy and balanced for the rest of his life. Making the commitment to working with Cody was the best thing we ever could have done for our dog!:

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