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 Training for the real life situations

Our private session obedience programs are geared towards helping you with real life issues like leash pulling, learning basic commands, jumping up on people, begging for food, counter surfing or bolting out the door. A strong foundation of basic obedience will provide the skills needed to create a much better relationship with your dog. We strive to put you through real life situations and distractions to set you up for success!

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3 Private 1 hour Sessions

You and your dog will learn the basics of sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, come when called and minor behavior modification like jumping up on people.

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6 Private 1 Hour Sessions

Expand upon the basic obedience program by adding in heeling on leash, long duration stays, and the place command while practicing them in real life scenarios and real world environments.


 1 hour Session 

Ready to start your training journey to help you communicate more successfully with your pet?

Dog Training

Not sure which program fits your dog?
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